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All over the web today, I’m noticing that people are writing about the fact that U2‘s new album, “Songs of Innocence” — and, in this digital age, can we really call it an “album” anymore? — is available free on iTunes  for the next five weeks. Comparisons are being made that U2 is giving away the music for free as a way to entice more people to see their next round of concerts, purchase more of their back-end catalog, or generate an increase in merchandise sales. Commentators are wondering if this is another example of the business model where you give something essential away for free — hoping potential customers will pay you to deliver your talent, services, or product in some other method where you can make a profit. And, that’s totally missing the point. First, U2 did NOT “give away” their music.  Apple paid them very handsomely for it, thank you. Second, Apple ... (more)

Are you offering too many choices to be distinctive?

Several years ago, I had the honor of coaching the famed professor from Columbia University, Dr. Sheena Iyengar. Dr. Iyengar is, perhaps, the world’s leading expert on how people choose one option over another.  She was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Blink,” and wrote “The Art of Choosing.” I was thinking of Sheena today, as […] ... (more)

Google Voice

Quick note from my iPhone — my friend (and my wife’s high school classmate) Kevin Mullet told me over the weekend that he had just been approved for Google Voice. I was SO jealous! If you haven’t explored what it will do — you need to take a look, and apply, right away! (Check it out here! Google GIVES you a phone number FREE! Then, you program in your existing numbers. When someone calls your Google number, it rings ALL your phones. You’ll only need one number again…ever. And, it doesn’t matter if your home or cell or office numbers change. The Google Voice number will always ... (more)

Dear Fedex: I Just Want My Package to Make It to My House. On Time.

Important, vital package that had to be delivered on-time and absolutely, positively overnight. Guess what service I chose? Leading Authorities — the terrific speakers bureau in Washington, DC, that I am honored to say books me frequently — was expediting a document to me. I needed delivery by Saturday morning, and it was coming FedEx. I was in Las Vegas and heading to the airport, but my father-in-law was standing by, waiting for my package in Indianapolis. I checked the tracking number, saw it had been delivered, but was a little concerned. The driver had written it was left by... (more)

The Craving for Connectivity…

CRM on Ulitzer I was sitting in my local Starbucks, staring at my laptop wondering how to begin this blog. Then, as I looked around me, I noticed my fellow customers – students studying, Moms taking a little break, professionals such as myself getting a little work done outside the office on a wireless high-speed Internet connection and couples on their way to or from a day of golf – and it struck me. Right now, I am a customer at a coffee shop. So, I came here to get a cup of coffee, right? Well, yes and no. I certainly have the coffee I purchased sitting next to me – however,... (more)