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CRM on Ulitzer I was sitting in my local Starbucks, staring at my laptop wondering how to begin this blog. Then, as I looked around me, I noticed my fellow customers – students studying, Moms taking a little break, professionals such as myself getting a little work done outside the office on a wireless high-speed Internet connection and couples on their way to or from a day of golf – and it struck me. Right now, I am a customer at a coffee shop. So, I came here to get a cup of coffee, right? Well, yes and no. I certainly have the coffee I purchased sitting next to me – however, what I REALLY wanted was that…and much more. Are you certain that your organization is offering what your customers crave? Sure, the Starbucks example has been used way too often – but you have to admit that they DO understand that what their customers crave isn’t merely a cup of coffee, no... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - What Your Business Can Learn From the iPad

iPad on Ulitzer While most of us — regardless of the industry in which we work — would give just about anything to receive the publicity for a product launch that Apple receives, there are a couple of points we should observe that may assist us in every aspect of our business. 1) Critics are everywhere. Many of the early reviews of the iPad are negative…and they’re coming from people who have yet to use the product! Don’t forget…the iPhone generated a similar response! (I’ve heard it’s not doing too badly…) Resist the urge to respond to every bad review! Instead, get your produc... (more)

It’s a Comcast-ic Kind of Day…

Prologue: Just so you know, this story has a happy ending. I was writing this as the situation was in progress. I’ll post more later…however, it’s a great example of a company this is connected via social media to its customers…and is making an effort to keep their business! So, this morning I’m checking email and digging into a couple of stories on the web, when my Internet connection goes down. Naturally, I run the drill where you unplug your cable modem and, when it fails to resolve the problem, I ... ... (more)

It’s NOT “the Fast Eat the Slow” – It’s the Smart Eat the Dumb…

A while back, I was in the audience for the presentation of another author/speaker during a meeting of a very prominent technology company. As he addressed the group, he told them his basic business philosophy: it isn’t the big that win out over the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow. And, while I agree that speed can often be a competitive advantage, I sat there and thought the statement – in my opinion, and with all due respect – is blatantly false. It’s just flat out wrong. Native Americans almost hunted the buffalo to extinction. Was it because they were faster than the ... (more)

Google Voice

Quick note from my iPhone — my friend (and my wife’s high school classmate) Kevin Mullet told me over the weekend that he had just been approved for Google Voice. I was SO jealous! If you haven’t explored what it will do — you need to take a look, and apply, right away! (Check it out here! Google GIVES you a phone number FREE! Then, you program in your existing numbers. When someone calls your Google number, it rings ALL your phones. You’ll only need one number again…ever. And, it doesn’t matter if your home or cell or office numbers change. The Google Voice number will always ... (more)