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Remember the Bruce Springsteen song, “Glory Days”? “Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of, well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days… Glory days…well they’ll pass you by Glory days…in the wink of a young girl’s eye Glory days, glory days…” (You can hear it in your head right now, can’t you?) My favorite blogger, Bob Lefsetz, writes about the entertainment industry, and he had a great line in a post yesterday: “The glory days of the music business are history. They’ll only return when the glory days of music come back.” He’s writing about music — but he’s right about everything. The glory days of the car business will return when we have American companies producing more glorious cars that customers REALLY want. Whatever your business, you can have glory days in your industry when you create... (more)

Are YOU 'in It for the Money'?

Today on Facebook, I’m watching as someone obviously possessing the lethal combination of arrogance and ignorance attacks a speaker friend of mine for — in his opinion — being “about the money” as opposed to “about passion.” His uninformed perspective reminds me of a time several years ago when I hired Ron Arden, an internationally respected speech coach. I wanted to take my platform abilities to a higher level, and made an appointment with a professional who had been highly recommended. Because I had experienced some degree of success in the speaking business, my perception was... (more)

It’s Not About BIG Meetings…

Yesterday, Seth Godin told us “No more big events” – while today he wants to inform us of “The best reason for a big event.” Funny, I thought “no more” meant there should be “no more”…like “none.” Which should mean there could be no “best reason” to have one. May I suggest there are only two reasons to have a meeting – regardless of size? 1) to convey content 2) to enhance emotion Every successful meeting I’ve had the privilege of keynoting – from over 20,000 in attendance on a few occasions to small group seminars of 100 – all fifty states and fifteen countries — have those two... (more)

It’s a Comcast-ic Kind of Day…

Prologue: Just so you know, this story has a happy ending. I was writing this as the situation was in progress. I’ll post more later…however, it’s a great example of a company this is connected via social media to its customers…and is making an effort to keep their business! So, this morning I’m checking email and digging into a couple of stories on the web, when my Internet connection goes down. Naturally, I run the drill where you unplug your cable modem and, when it fails to resolve the problem, I ... ... (more)

Comcast customer service fiasco – and maintaining distinctive relationships

WHY do we wait until a relationship is over before we do what it takes to maintain it? That’s a problem both personally — AND professionally — as Comcast found out with their recent customer service fiasco! Distinction as an organization or individual professional is established at the onset of any relationship…it cannot wait. Today’s […] ... (more)