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By now, you have likely read — or at least heard about — “Fortune” magazine’s new list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders.” Let me cut to the chase; the reason the list is receiving so much discussion…and heat…is because singer Taylor Swift is ranked as the #6 leader in the world. While there are other interesting choices — LeBron James and Jimmy Fallon come to mind — placing Swift above, for example, the CEO of General Motors or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States has been derided by almost every serious commentator on the subject of leadership. Here are two points I’d suggest are important for all of us to remember in our roles as leaders: 1) As I started saying many years ago, “ALL Business is Show Business.”   (By the way…I am working on a complete revision and rewrite of that title right now! I’ll be releasing it as a new edition in the ... (more)

Why “great” truly is not good enough in today’s world…

You may know that the subtitle of my book, “Create Distinction” is “What To Do When ‘Great’ Isn’t Good Enough To Grow Your Business.” Much of my approach was based on the fact that ten of the eleven companies cited as “great” in the classic business bestseller, “Good to Great” can no longer be considered as […] ... (more)

The Craving for Connectivity…

CRM on Ulitzer I was sitting in my local Starbucks, staring at my laptop wondering how to begin this blog. Then, as I looked around me, I noticed my fellow customers – students studying, Moms taking a little break, professionals such as myself getting a little work done outside the office on a wireless high-speed Internet connection and couples on their way to or from a day of golf – and it struck me. Right now, I am a customer at a coffee shop. So, I came here to get a cup of coffee, right? Well, yes and no. I certainly have the coffee I purchased sitting next to me – however,... (more)

A Three-Step Process to Getting Started on Twitter…

I was in Manhattan a few weeks ago, just finished with a speech and took a moment to check out what was going on with the people I follow on Twitter. You should know that one of the “gods” of Twitter is Chris Brogan. (@ChrisBrogan in Twitter-speak) It seems like there is a three-step process to getting started on Twitter…1) sign up; and 2) & 3) follow Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki. Because Chris had reviewed “Collapse of Distinction,” he and I have shared a dialogue. He’s interesting, smart, funny, and profound. In other words, an extraordinarily cool guy. I noticed that he was h... (more)

You Don’t Know Your Competition…

Let’s make a little wager… I’ll bet you just about anything that I know your competition better than you. “How much?” you ask. Well, how much do you have? Let me immediately apologize for the arrogant nature of the question. However, I still feel confident that I’ll win the bet. Not because I’m smarter, have researched more, or have some innate psychic abilities. It’s because you think of the wrong business — or an incorrect individual — as your competition. Most of us believe our competition is the company that is selling a product or service that is the most similar to our own... (more)