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Previously I’ve mentioned that I think a philosophy of “different is better than better” could potentially be construed as consultant malpractice.  I’m fascinated that anyone would even suggest it.  It shouldn’t take the years of study that I’ve done on the subject to understand that the “different is better than better” viewpoint is a fallacy. If I own a dry cleaners and start slapping every customer in the face…I’m different.  Is that better than being superior at cleaning clothes and delivering an ultimate customer experience?  Obviously not. Distinction beats “different”…and requires that you become superior in ways that matter to your customers. To emphasize the point, consider two brands of liquor — one with the emphasis on different; the other focusing on being better. Jagermeister — the word means “Hunting Master” — is a European liqueur consisting of 56 v... (more)

An Apology That Doesn’t Say “I’m Sorry”…

(By the way, this post is NOT meant as legal advice…this is a professional, business recommendation. That’s my field of expertise, not the law. However, my personal experience is that if you do what’s right for customers, you end up with a lot fewer legal problems, anyway.) PepsiCo’s iPhone app for AMP Energy drink features 24 types of women, according to news reports, including “nerd”, “foreign exchange student” and “treehugger”, and offered possible pickup lines including “Wasn’t I in Space Academy with you?” and “You know the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. I wonder what else she ... (more)

Are YOU 'in It for the Money'?

Today on Facebook, I’m watching as someone obviously possessing the lethal combination of arrogance and ignorance attacks a speaker friend of mine for — in his opinion — being “about the money” as opposed to “about passion.” His uninformed perspective reminds me of a time several years ago when I hired Ron Arden, an internationally respected speech coach. I wanted to take my platform abilities to a higher level, and made an appointment with a professional who had been highly recommended. Because I had experienced some degree of success in the speaking business, my perception was... (more)

A Tale of Three Companies

CRM on Ulitzer Amazon sells shoes. So does Zappos. Another company – where I have many friends, as I previously did significant consulting work for them – markets something entirely different. All, however, are particularly instructive about the future of business. The company I won’t name is involved in financial services. They have decided to terminate their entire marketing effort, and focus on explaining their products to prospective investors. The CEO said, “Our greatest value proposition to investors and financial intermediaries is the institutional approach that’s at the... (more)

You Don’t Know Your Competition…

Let’s make a little wager… I’ll bet you just about anything that I know your competition better than you. “How much?” you ask. Well, how much do you have? Let me immediately apologize for the arrogant nature of the question. However, I still feel confident that I’ll win the bet. Not because I’m smarter, have researched more, or have some innate psychic abilities. It’s because you think of the wrong business — or an incorrect individual — as your competition. Most of us believe our competition is the company that is selling a product or service that is the most similar to our own... (more)